nil::crypto3::zk::snark::detail::tbcs_ppzksnark_policy< CurveType > Struct Template Reference

#include <basic_policy.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef tbcs_auxiliary_input auxiliary_input_type
typedef tbcs_circuit circuit_type
typedef tbcs_ppzksnark_keypair< proving_key_type, verification_key_typekeypair_type
typedef tbcs_primary_input primary_input_type
typedef uscs_ppzksnark< CurveType >::processed_verification_key_type processed_verification_key_type
typedef uscs_ppzksnark< CurveType >::proof_type proof_type
typedef tbcs_ppzksnark_proving_key< CurveType, circuit_typeproving_key_type
typedef uscs_ppzksnark< CurveType >::verification_key_type verification_key_type

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ auxiliary_input_type

◆ circuit_type

template<typename CurveType >
typedef tbcs_circuit nil::crypto3::zk::snark::detail::tbcs_ppzksnark_policy< CurveType >::circuit_type

Below are various typedefs aliases (used for uniformity with other proof systems).

◆ keypair_type

A key pair for the TBCS ppzkSNARK, which consists of a proving key and a verification key.

◆ primary_input_type

◆ processed_verification_key_type

A processed verification key for the TBCS ppzkSNARK.

Compared to a (non-processed) verification key, a processed verification key contains a small constant amount of additional pre-computed information that enables a faster verification time.

◆ proof_type

template<typename CurveType >
typedef uscs_ppzksnark<CurveType>::proof_type nil::crypto3::zk::snark::detail::tbcs_ppzksnark_policy< CurveType >::proof_type

A proof for the TBCS ppzkSNARK.

◆ proving_key_type

A proving key for the TBCS ppzkSNARK.

◆ verification_key_type

A verification key for the TBCS ppzkSNARK.

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