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Crypto3.VDF library extends the =nil; Foundation's cryptography suite and provides a set of verifiable delay functions implemented in way C++ standard library implies: concepts, algorithms, predictable behavior, latest standard features support and clean architecture without compromising security and performance.

Crypto3.VDF consists of several parts to review:


Internal dependencies:


Outer dependencies:

  1. Boost (optional) (>= 1.58)

What is a VDF?

A Verifiable Delay Function (VDF) is a function that requires substantial time to evaluate (even with a polynomial number of parallel processors) but can be very quickly verified as correct. VDFs can be used to construct randomness beacons with multiple applications in a distributed network environment. By introducing a time delay during evaluation, VDFs prevent malicious actors from influencing output. The output cannot be differentiated from a random number until the final result is computed. See for more details.