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=nil; Crypto3 was established in April of 2018 by =nil; Foundation to fulfill the need in development team for Crypto3 cryptography suite.

Since that time the team has evolved into a standalone for-profit organization fulfilling research and development needs in cryptography for various foundations, companies, projects etc.


=nil; Crypto3's In-EVM Solana "Light Client" State Verification

=nil; Crypto3's in-EVM Solana's "light client" state verification paves the way to the implementation of Solana-Ethereum zk-Bridge, which would enable Solana-based assets to be transferred to Ethereum without any middlemen (relays, etc.) facilitating periodic proof generation.

=nil; Crypto3's In-EVM Mina Protocol State Verification

=nil; Foundation's Crypto3 team facilitated Mina Protocol with the in-EVM Pickles SNARK proof verification mechanism implementation paving the way to the bridge with Ethereum.

=nil; Crypto3's Filecoin Prover.

=nil; Crypto3's Filecoin prover is a more performant and less hardware-demanding Filecoin prover alternative. This prover along with our version of Lotus Filecoin protocol implementation makes FIL mining up to 4x more profitable than with official rust-fil-proofs library.

=nil; Crypto3 for Everscale (ex. FreeTON). zkSNARKS intergtaion.

=nil; Crypto3 cryptography suite was used to enable zkSNARKs computation within Everscale's (ex. FreeTON) virtualized environment.

Weighted Thresholdizer Construction

Weighted thresholdizer construction allows to turn pretty large class of signature schemes to weighted threshold signatures.

Weighted Threshold Boneh-Lynn-Shacam Signature Scheme

Weighted threshold Boneh-Lynn-Shacam signature scheme allows to precisely express complex scheme participants weight distribution. Interactive and non-interactive modifications are available along with weighted signature aggregation.

Crypto3 for Boost. Boost.Crypto.

=nil;Crypto3 cryptography suite converted for in-Boost usage. Header-only, statically typed, proven schemes implemented with proven techniques in C++14 for famous commons library set.

Chia Network Proof-Of-Space Competition

Chia Network Proof-of-Space competition winning consensus primitive implementation with block ciphers and hashes from =nil; Crypto3 cryptography suite.

Chia Network VDF Competition

Chia Network VDF competition awarded VDF library implementation for =nil; Crypto3 cryptography suite.

Threhsold ECDSA Signature Scheme

Elliptic-Curve DSA threshold signature scheme modification with reduced setup time and extremely performant signing.

Crypto3 Cryptography Suite

Modern cryptography suite implemented in C++. Statically typed, C++14, stack-only. Includes permutative, public key, zero-knowledge cryptograhy along with verifiable delay functions, threshold schemes and cryptographic accumulators.